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Meat marinated for hours becomes juicy and tender. Here, Lise Finckenhagen has recently put the meat in a mixture of apple juice and bbq sauce on the grill.

Steamed buns # 1: with ribs

Pork belly buns are trendy street food and consist of long-fried pork with Asian flavors.

Steamed buns # 2: with duck

These steamed bowls can be filled with a lot of different. Lars Erik Vesterdal roasts duck for an hour, tears the meat apart and fills the bowls with meat, cucumber, onion and sauce.

Steamed buns # 3: with pork neck

Grated pork gets a hint of the East in this recipe from Paul Svensson. A Korean-inspired cabbage salad is the icing on the cake.

Taco – completely without shells and corn

Tacos are extra good with home-baked lefser. Arve Serigstad also makes the pork dough himself and adds mango, avocado and many spices.

Grill taco with airy maistortilla

Pork neck with corn tortilla and achiotes sauce with orange can quickly become a hit. Here served on banana leaves.

Mexican bean cream, pico de gallo and chorizo

Reneé Fagerhøi creates a Mexican atmosphere with thick tortilla chips topped with bean cream, fried chorizo ​​and much more good.

Sausages # 1: completely homemade

Little can compete with homemade sausages. Kjartan Skjelde gives an introduction to how they are made and recipes for good accessories.

Sausages # 2: How to grill them best

Good sausages can be even better if you wrap them in aluminum foil with tomatoes, sugar peas and rosemary.

Warm salad from Indonesia

Gado gado is a salad that is usually made with chicken and eggs. The variant from Richard Nystad is vegan and made with potatoes, fried tofu and fresh vegetables.

Fried chickpea buns with spinach

Spinach has the main role in this dish where crispy buns are dipped in a good dip. Vegetables are mixed with chickpea flour, and fried just before serving.

Soup # 1: Asian «in Norwegian»

Find star anise, cloves, cinnamon, coriander and fennel seeds for this soup with noodles and kraft and meat from pork bones.

Soup # 2: double meat

The soup, meat, noodles and vegetables are served separately. This way, everyone can supply themselves with what they want.

Soup # 3: Thick, filling and Indian

Lentil stews are popular food in India. This one from Sarita Sehjpal has both yellow and red lentils and a well-seasoned onion mixture.


This Sami bread is perfect for holding food in. Fill with pork neck, beets and mayonnaise, as Tareq Taylor does.

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