Ate here before the attack. This is how they experienced him

– He has been here several times before. I remember him as a very quiet and calm man, says the owner of the restaurant near Greenland in Oslo.

He does not want us to use his identity.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Oslo police district issued new information about terror suspect Zaniar Matapour.

A picture shows that he is inside the restaurant in question at 16.10, quite exactly nine hours before he fired the first shot in Rosenkrantz gate on Saturday night.

– Come here often

When he shot, the 43-year-old was wearing a yellow t-shirt.

In the surveillance photo from the restaurant, he is wearing a blue t-shirt and a headdress. The police inform TV 2 that he had the blue t-shirt under the yellow one when he was arrested.

Police want to get in touch with witnesses who may have observed Matapour earlier in the day Friday.

– He often came here, and he used to bring his children with him, but he was never with anyone else. We never reacted to him, says the restaurant owner.

– How was he?

– He was very nice. Quiet and calm. He never complained about the food or anything like that, the owner says.

Want more tips

At the press conference on Wednesday, the police stated that they are pretty sure that Matapour was alone about the shooting.

However, the police do not rule out that he may have had accomplices prior to the attack.

– Therefore, it is precarious to get his explanation, Enoksen continues.

KAOTIC: This is what it looked like in Rosenkrantz gate on Saturday night.  Photo: Jonas Been Henriksen / TV 2

KAOTIC: This is what it looked like in Rosenkrantz gate on Saturday night. Photo: Jonas Been Henriksen / TV 2

The police still do not know what was Matapour’s motivation when he attacked random people in central Oslo on Saturday night.

Until now, they have said that they hold both terror, hate crime and mental illness as possible hypotheses.

On Tuesday, the police stated that they had questioned 116 witnesses in the case. However, the accused himself refuses to be questioned.

Police are now trying to map out everything Matapour did before the attack.

– We are still dependent on tips. We have received several tips, but considering the incident, we believe there is reason to believe that more people have tips. Therefore, we go out with more information and photos from the event itself

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