Bergen’s best coffee: These are the finalists

BT’s readers rate Bergen’s best in ten different categories this summer. Here are the five finalists in the coffee category.

Which coffee is the best in town?
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Where to get the best coffee?

Bergen’s best coffee is the one you prefer to order on the way to work, over lunch with friends or on a first date.


“Important for good coffee culture”

Name: The coffee mission

The jury’s reasoning: The baristas at Øvre Korskirkeallmenning opened in 2007, and have become a favorite place for coffee lovers. «An institution for 15 years and important for good coffee culture. They set the standard for good coffee “, writes one of the many who have nominated the place. “No one comes close to matching the Mission,” says another.

Jan Richter Lorentzen

– This was great, says general manager Jan Richter Lorentzen.

He himself started the Coffee Mission 15 years ago.

– Since then, we have both competed to make the best coffee, but also missionary good coffee for our customers.

Lorentzen says that it is important for them to provide knowledge about coffee to the visitors.

– We have had several Norwegian champions on the team over the years, he says proudly.

– For us, the key is good coffee and a good professional environment, he says.


“You do not get better chocolate or coffee”

Name: Fjåk

The jury’s reasoning: The chocolate retailer in Skostredet also has other temptations to offer. “You do not get better chocolate or coffee anywhere,” writes one guest. «It is heaven to have Fjåk in Bergen. And their coffee? So good! », It says in another nomination.

Ian Holcroft

– Oh, so nice, says general manager Agurtxane Concellon.

She and her husband, Ian Holcroft, recently opened Fjåk in Skostredet.

– With us, one of the specialties is hot chocolate, she says.

– We have five different types, Holcroft adds.

Everything is made from scratch, and real chocolate is served.

– In addition to coffee and cocoa, we also have delicious chocolates and snacks, says Concellon.

– And we are known for using Norwegian flavors such as brown cheese and cranberries, says Holcroft.


«The city’s best coffee – in the city’s smallest café»

Name: The Little Coffee Company

The jury’s reasoning: The small coffee bar was established already in 1996 and is located in Nedre Fjellsmauet. «Intimate and down to earth atmosphere. The city’s best coffee “, reads one of numerous nominations. “The city’s best coffee – in the city’s smallest café”, writes another. “A southern pocket in the city’s more iconic district”, describes a reader.

Aase Spinnangr

– So incredibly nice, says general manager Aase Spinnangr.

They have one of Bergen’s oldest cafes and are proud that they continue to attract people.

– We have a good mix of regular customers, tourists and new visitors.

They also focus on a good atmosphere.

– We are concerned that customers will thrive, she says.


«A treasure in the center of Bergen»

Name: Sunflowers

The jury’s reasoning: The confectionery Solros is located in the characteristic blue house in Marken. Customers do not just love baking. “Lovely coffee, pleasant service, glorious patio”, is the certificate in a nomination. “A treasure in the center of Bergen”, writes another.

Isabella Eriksson and Shaun Flint

– This was a fantastic surprise, says Shaun Flint.

– Completely unexpected.

He thinks there are many good places in Bergen, and that it is cool to be at the top with the others.

– My wife is very good at making coffee, he says.

Flint believes it is the good atmosphere Isabella Eriksson creates in the café that attracts people. He himself works mostly with the baked goods for Solros, which are also popular.

– We are a craft bakery, but we also make good coffee, says Eriksson.


“Bergen has nothing like this”

Name: Bergen Kaffebrenneri

The jury’s reasoning: The coffee bar was established at Møhlenpris in 2009, and now also has a “branch” in Sandviken. «Best coffee in the most exciting place. Good at renewing oneself », is one of the certificates. “By far the city’s best coffee that can be drunk in what feels like a Berlin setting,” another. “Bergen has no place like this,” the reader writes.

Carl Johannessen

– Gu ‘kor fun, Carl exclaims when he hears about the nomination.

The coffee distillery has had premises at Møhlenpris for several years, but has recently also opened in Steinkjellergaten.

– With us, the biggest focus is good coffee. We grind all the coffee ourselves and experiment with different flavors, says Johannessen.

He goes on to say that coffee is something they, literally, are passionate about.

– It’s a real passion. Coffee should give you an experience, and it should taste good, he says.


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