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Poached cod

Divide the fish into four portions. Set them aside. We wait until just before serving before we prepare the fish.

When ready – boil 1 liter of water with 2 tablespoons butter and a little salt in a low saucepan.

Put the fish in the boiling water and take the saucepan away from the heat. Put a lid on and leave it to pull until it is ready, about 5 minutes. If you use a thermometer, the core temperature should be 40 degrees.

Dill oil

Roughly chop the dill and put it in a mixer. Heat the oil to 50 degrees and beat it over the dill. Mix at high speed for about 30 seconds.

Strain the oil through a fine-mesh strainer and keep it in a glass or similar. Let the oil stand still so that water and any dill residues sink to the bottom. To get a completely clear oil, you can freeze it and separate the frozen water from the oil.

Horseradish cream

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Store the juice in an airtight box until you need it. The shredded remnants of horseradish can be frozen and used in a sauce on a later occasion.

Mix cream with vinegar until you have a suitable sour cream. Season with a little salt and add horseradish juice to the desired strength.

Gently lukewarm the cream just before serving. Be careful not to heat too much, as the strength of the horseradish decreases.

Top with 5 tablespoons dill oil and serve with the fish.

Root vegetables

Cut potatoes, carrots and turnips into boat-like pieces that are all the same size.

Boil in lightly salted water until tender, but still with a small core. Serve freshly cooked.


Serve with fried mushrooms and spinach in addition to the root vegetables.

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