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It does not have to cost the whole world for it to taste. Not even if you want to eat out. In the capital, for example, I found five dining experiences for less than 200 kroner.

And sometimes the restaurants are so innovative with cheap food that it becomes classics. The world’s most popular sandwich, croque monsieur, is one such example. Onion soup is another.

How did vichysoisse originate?

– You, we get 3-400 guests in three quarters of an hour. Can you make something small warm for them?

– Eh, yes. Of course.

This is roughly how I imagine the conversation was when chef Louis Diat was given the (almost) impossible task. Diat was a superb French chef who worked at the Ritz-Carlton in New York in the first half of the 20th century.

Famous soup

His while famous survivor is Vichysoisse, a simple and elegant potato soup. He took his name from the city of Vichy in his homeland. His childhood memory of this soup comes from there.

Hot potato soup was often served in the autumn, but in the summer he thinks it was a good idea to have some milk in it and serve it cold.

Now it must be said at once: This variant can be served both cold and hot. Even I think it is best warm.

Very cheap

The main ingredient is potatoes. A quick phone call to a supermarket reveals that the price is about 10 kroner a kilo. You need half a kilo for this recipe. Add half a leek, a pinch of cheese, a splash of chicken stock and possibly a sausage snack. Then we end up somewhere just over 10’s.

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Erik Hannemann

This is a rather classic variant of the famous soup that chef Louis Diat invented at the Hotel Ritz-Carlton in the first half of the 20th century.

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500 g Potatoes

0.5 pcs Leek

20 g Parmesan

2 tbsp Chicken power

1 piece Sausage

Salt and freshly ground pepper

This case was first published 17/11 2010, and last updated 26/06 2017


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