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Coq au vin is one of the really big stars in the culinary universe. If humanity had gathered around the campfire to make the list of “top ten dishes”, it would have been self-written. Along with pizza, Indian chicken and the perfect roast lamb, for example.

Coq au vin is pronounced “kåkk å væ”. Coq is French for rooster. (For most Norwegians, it takes surprisingly little of the language to understand the French word “wine”).

It is easy to imagine the origin of this dish: One day the rooster died. We slap it in the pot with some bacon, vegetables and a bottle of wine. – Do not we have red? Then we take white.

Do you know a chicken farmer?

And that’s basically the core of this giant among dishes. Today you have to know a chicken farmer to get a rooster, comb several shops to find a hen, but chicken is pretty easy to get. In practice, change coq with chicken – chicken.

Nigel Slater writes for The Guardian and is one of my absolute favorite writers. (He writes about food, if anyone was wondering). He tells that his coq au vin was never better than when he made it at the restaurant he worked for many years ago. Then they used the coins from the bottles and glasses for the guests. He asks himself the question whether it was the chef’s watchful gaze, the quality of the wine or sage from the guests that made the big difference.

Personally, I do not think the price of the wine is decisive. At least I do not spend more than a hundred.

There are quite small differences in the recipes. The main thing is that chicken (or rooster / hen) is accompanied by vegetables (usually carrot, onion and celery stick together with garlic and some herbs) and red or white wine. In addition comes the bacon (which you fry crispy this way).

The most common is to use red wine, but white wine also works perfectly. I used it last time and right now I actually hold a button on white wine in front of red wine.

The recipe can be found below.

If you think you are messing around in the kitchen, then you can see here what it looks like when I make it:

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Erik Hannemann

Here is the classic in all its glory. Rarely has a bottle of wine tasted so much.

See the full recipe

1 piece Chicken

3 onions

3 pcs Carrots

2 cloves Garlic

2 stalks Celery sticks

3 tbsp Cognac

1 fl White wine

4 slices of Bacon

2 tbsp Mel

2 stalks Thyme

2 bay leaves

150 g Mushroom

10 small onions

Salt and pepper


Erik Hannemann

Look no further. Here is the perfect waffle recipe. Waffles will never be the same again after you have tasted them. The recipe holds 10-12 plates.

See the full recipe

2 pcs Eggs

1.5 dl Sugar

3 dl Culture milk, skimmed

3.5 dl Whole milk

350 g Wheat flour

1 tsp Baking Powder

1 tsp Natron

1 teaspoon Vanilla Sugar

1 teaspoon Cardamom

150 g Butter, melted

This case was first published 09/04 2010, and last updated 26/06 2017


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