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A good soup can save the whole week. It can be the best meat soup available or a French onion soup with something extra.

Feelings of life

“Soup and fish explain half of life’s emotions,” wrote Sidney Smith (the English author who is also responsible for writing a recipe for salad dressing on rhyme).

Therefore, a fish soup is a whole world of emotions, feelings and affections: What kind of fish? Red or white? Cream or not?

Most things are actually successful, it’s just about feelings. And variations.

Make food fun

It’s fun to make the food fun (I can happily quote that).

In France you often get soup with an edible lid. It may well be that it was originally convenient for the restaurants. Because with a puff pastry lid, the soup keeps the heat longer.

Puff pastry or puff pastry is bought by ordinary people in the shop (there is too much hassle to make for the vast majority, myself definitely included).

Bread and soup

Bread and soup are closely linked by historical ties. In fact, the French word means soup originally the slice of bread you poured the soup over. The soup itself potage. A soup with a lid is therefore an ordinary soup that is turned upside down – in an intelligent way.

The recipe for fish soup with a lid can be found below.

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Erik Hannemann

400 g Fish

2 pl puff pastry

1 onion

2 pcs Spring onions

2 cloves Garlic

Oil for brushing

0.5 pcs Fennel

2 bay leaves

1 pinch of cayenne pepper


1 pc Fish

Salt and pepper

This case was first published 17/11 2010, and last updated 26/06 2017


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