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Gravlaks is kind of a bit mysterious. You treat yourself to a pack of gravlax in the shop, take it home and put the beautiful slices on the slice. With reverence, you enjoy the good, fine-tuned taste. And not for a moment do you think that you can make this yourself – for a lick and nothing. And it takes you less than a minute.

At least that’s how it was with me. Because I really did not know how easy this was until I actually did it. I was most concerned with making a good mustard sauce, which is not particularly difficult either.

Old techniques, good tastes

It strikes me how simple the old preservation techniques are. For example, I have made my own chops in the stall. The principle is often to use salt – and then let it dry. (By the way, this is how I make ribs too – and it gets much, much better than any other, regular modern one). In our region, these techniques have been crucial to survival. Today we do not have to go on like this, but do it solely because we like the taste.

Gravlaks is one of the few things we in the Nordics have managed to export abroad with the name intact. Even in America they say “gravlax”. Unfortunately, it is the Swedes who most often get the credit for the delicacy.

That it is called “digging” is believed by some to be due to people digging down the fish. It seems unnecessary and I doubt that sensible Norwegians did it (what the Swedes came up with I dare not guess).

The technique is super simple: You mix as much salt as sugar, add in some herbs and make sure that the fish is well covered by all this, something like this:

After two or three days in the fridge, the miracle has happened: You have made your own grave salmon.

You can find the recipe below.

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Erik Hannemann

300 g Salt

300 g Sugar

2 tbsp Dill

2 tbsp

500 g Salmon fillet

This case was first published 26/11 2010, and last updated 26/06 2017


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