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It’s just realizing that Christmas is upon us. The whole of Norway has long seen the first snowflakes. And those who have not started thinking about the Christmas calendar are starting to have a bad time.

For me, it’s a little early with ribs (not for you? Here’s is the super recipe). And chops, for example. But, the pre-Christmas season is full of other goodies you can make.

Burial salmon and sour cream herring help to strengthen the pre-Christmas mood without taking away the magic – as a cheap rib on Friday night can do.


I have started to see how simple many of the Christmas recipes are. I demonstrated the other day that it takes less than a minute to make gravlax and that you can make chops in the stall.

Sour cream herring also falls under the category of “ridiculously simple Christmas recipes”. Especially because we buy the herring fillet ready salted and diluted in cans (the most common type is called Carlo and is available in large, yellow cans in good supermarkets).

There are not many ways to do this. My method is by no means original, but that is not what you are looking for when it is Christmas. If you mix mayonnaise, sour cream, chives and herring, you have come a long way. I usually taste with a little lemon juice for safety. I rather grind the pepper fresh when I eat it.

The recipe can be found below! I hope the herring puts you in the Christmas mood.

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Christopher Sjuve

2 pcs Herring

1.5 dl Sour cream

1.5 dl Mayonnaise

2 tablespoons Chives

0.5 pcs Lemon

This case was first published 29/11 2010, and last updated 26/06 2017

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