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Autumn is the time for the good pots.

Ideally, a good autumn stew should be so full of flavor and good spices that it fills the whole room with scents, wonderful expectations and great appetite.

An example of such a stew is bacalao. It amazes me how few make the fabulous pot. The reason is probably that the fish, the clipfish, must be put in water first. So it requires preparation – and then there are many who fall out.

However, being able to put fish in a bowl of water overnight is a lot done. Feel free to do it in the evening, so the fish is ready when you make dinner the next day. The rest is plank driving: Add fish, onions and potatoes in layers, add canned tomatoes, pepper, garlic and oil. Let it cook for as long as you want. The Bacalao recipe can be found below!

Longings and expectations

I have collected several pots that fill the house with expectations and longings below.

The first is a heidundrande, powerful bacalao with lots of oil. The other is the French classic coq au vin, where you cook the chicken in wine. You will also find a delicious lamb ficassé, a recipe for Indian chicken and what some believe is Norway’s best game stew.

A good idea

A good idea is to make large pots, preferably double portions. Then you can either put it in the fridge and eat it a few days later or freeze it. Then you have dinner until the day you do not have time to make anything.

Below you will find all the recipes!

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Erik Hannemann

600 g Klippfisk

1 kg Onion

1 kg Potatoes

2 pcs Chili

3 cans Tomato

10 pcs Peppercorns

1 piece Garlic

2 bay leaves

20 pcs Olives, black

200 g Paprika

2 dl Olive oil

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