Recipe for tuna with aioli

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The Spaniards have a lot to show: They want to show off the hams, the tortilla (how to make the Spanish omelette), the national dish paella (not hard to make …), the surprising almond soup, how good they are in football and how tough they are at the bullring.

We who like the sunny peninsula know that this is just the beginning. Ham, tortilla and paella are just the first things you encounter. Then the tapas begin. This fireworks of small, delicious mouthfuls is a concept that creates enthusiasm in all food lovers (here you will find the tapas recipes).

The secret of tapas

It was just such a meal we were invited to. But first we had to have a beer at the beach bar. And you know; then there will also be a small tapa.

(Why is there no one in Norway who serves tiny pieces of food for the beer? Do you not think people like it?)

What came was in all its beautiful simplicity this: Potatoes, tuna, sugar peas mixed with aioli. And even though I knew all too well that 50-60 tapas were waiting in a little over an hour, I could not stop.

That’s the secret of tapas: It’s that simple. And so good.

Requires little

It does not take much to make this tapas. The aioli, garlic mayonnaise, is best if you make it yourself. You can buy ready-made aioli or take the shortcut where you crush garlic and mix with finished mayonnaise (it works, but is not close to the original).

The recipe can be found below!

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Erik Hannemann

1 box Tuna

4 tbsp Aioli

5 pcs Sugar peas

2 pcs Potatoes

Salt and pepper

This case was first published 02/11 2010, and last updated 26/06 2017


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