Restaurant, Larvik | The restaurants have one beer in common – but the price is far from the same

The prices of alcohol vary greatly from place to place in Larvik. In Stavern, it is Solsiden that stands out the most in beer and wine prices.

– With us, a 0.5 Frydenlund costs 109 kroner, a 0.33 Corona per bottle costs 115 kroner and so does a bottle of Peroni, says Tord Roald, general manager at Solsiden.

It is at most 21 kroner more expensive than what Skipperstua and Det Gule Galleriet sell the same beer for. Skipperstua sells a bottle of Corona for 94 kroner, and a pint of Frydenlund for 96 kroner.

– With us, a Corona costs 94 kroner, and a Frydenlund of 0.5 costs 96 kroner, says Noa Malmquist Andersen at Det Gule Galleriet.

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Bottled and glass wine

It is not only the beer prices of Solsiden that top the lists in Stavern. If you want to enjoy a bottle of wine in the summer heat, you have to pay a little more than at the other restaurants that ØP has spoken to.

At Solsiden, the cheapest bottle of wine costs 495 kroner and the cheapest glass costs 99 kroner.

– We have cheap wine, but we also have quality wine. At Solsiden, we have many customers who love wine and who buy quality wine for their food. With us, we have wine in all price ranges, explains Petter Vatne from Solsiden.

The cheapest wine bottle at Skipperstua and Det Gule Galleriet, costs 70 kroner less than the cheapest wine bottle at Solsiden. There you get a wine bottle from kroner 425.

Larvik center

Of the selected restaurants from Larvik center, it is Pakkhuset that tops the price lists.

– With us, a bottle of wine starts at 525 kroner, a glass of wine starts at 90 kroner. A 0.5 Carlsberg costs 105 kroner, and a 0.33 Corona costs 99 kroner, says Lilly Skow Røed.

At Bedehuset, the prices are a little lower, but it does not differ much.

– The cheapest wine bottle starts at just over 479, and for a glass it starts at 109. A 0.4 Aas costs 89 kroner, a bottle of Corona costs 89, says Kjetil Rødde Bruseth from Bedehuset.

0.33 Corona in Larvik and Stavern

  • Warehouse: 99 kroner
  • The house of prayer: 89 kroner
  • Solsiden: 115 kroner
  • Skipperstua: 94 kroner
  • The Yellow Gallery 94 kroner

Inn price that decides

All of the ØPs have asked, answer that it is the prices the restaurants pay when they buy the goods that determine the price the restaurants sell the goods for. This is called entry and exit price.

They also explain that the prices follow the market, and that they have an overview of what the other nightclubs nearby price the goods at.

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