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In Norway, this cure is often called “Rikshospitalet’s soup cure”.

The diet consists of soups you can eat unlimited of the whole week.

For the first four days, eat only fruits and vegetables in addition to the soup. For the last three days, you should also eat protein in the form of meat, fish or chicken without skin.

Recipe for “Rikshospitalets” diet soup

This portion is large and lasts a long time, but if necessary you just make more.

2 cans of canned tomatoes

3 large leeks or Spanish onions

1 pk. noodle

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1 bunch of celery sticks

2 boxes of green beans (eg break beans)

2 green peppers

0.8 kg of carrots

Chicken or meat broth (approx. 2 l, take 14 cubes from pk. With 16)

Cut up the vegetables and cook everything.

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Good diet in the short term

– This is a “crash cure” that will have an effect on the most acute weight problems of the type: How to lose three kilos and get into the fine dress? But such a cure should not be abused, says nutritional physiologist Gunn Helene Arsky.

The cure should only be used for seven days.

– The reason is that it is not full-fledged in any way, says Arsky.

She believes that the negative thing about such a cure is that you may not learn much about healthy food, and that you risk becoming very tired of vegetable soup. On the positive side, she believes that the cure will work – in the short term.

If you have major weight problems, this can also be an inspiring start to a diet change, but then you have to make other and more lasting changes after the first week is over, says Arsky.

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It is mostly water that disappears

– Following this diet for a week is not dangerous, but also not particularly wise if you want to lose fat mass, says doctor and diet expert Sofie Hexeberg.

If you basically live on a standard carbohydrate-rich diet with a lot of bread, potatoes and pasta, you primarily use sugar as energy, she explains.

If you only eat vegetables and fruit for three days, the body will still primarily burn sugar and not fat.

Vegetable soup and fruit in moderate amounts do not provide enough calories, and the body will then convert some protein in the muscles to sugar – and still use most sugar as energy.

– With the introduction of meat, poultry and fish, proteins and fats are added so that the consumption of muscle tissue stops. A weight loss of 2-3 kilos is not uncommon, but this is usually mostly water. If you start eating regular food again, you quickly gain the 2-3 kilos you may have lost, the doctor explains.

Crack the slimmer’s worst enemy

Hexeberg believes that a more sensible strategy for lasting weight loss is to become a good fat burner. To become one, one must reduce the intake of carbohydrates significantly and eat more fats and proteins.

She says that a low-carb diet provides a stable blood sugar and thus less hunger and cravings for sweets.

– Hunger is the dieter’s worst enemy and leads to quickly lost kilos quickly recovering, Hexeberg emphasizes.

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SOUP: This soup will increase your fat burning.
SOUP: This soup will increase your fat burning.
Photo: Photo: Svein Brimi

The doctor’s fat burning soup

This is a soup signed by the English doctor Caroline Shreeve. The basis of the cure is a so-called fat-burning soup, which can be eaten several times a day. Otherwise, you can follow the plan from the first soup (see further up the page).

2 bunches of chopped spring onion, or 1 large, finely chopped onion or leek

Bouquets of 1 medium cauliflower or 1 large broccoli

125 g chopped spinach or chopped cabbage head

1 large, finely chopped pepper (yellow, red or green)

6-8 finely chopped celery stalks

2-4 large carrots in thin slices

1-2 teaspoons cumin and coriander (optional)

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Chicken broth

4-5 large, ripe tomatoes divided into four boats each

The juice of 1 lemon or 1 lime

1 chopped handful of coriander leaf or broad-leaved parsley

2 finely chopped garlic cloves

¼-½ ts cayenne pepper

Everything except the tomatoes is cooked until tender. Add the tomatoes for the last 5-10 minutes.

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Six tips for weight loss

Gunn Helene Arsky gives the following six pieces of advice to you who want to lose weight:

* continue to eat lots of vegetables and fruits even after the treatment – at least twice as much as you used to before you started.

* continue to use the clean fillets of fish, chicken and meat instead of sausage and minced meat.

* continue to drink plenty of water, but also a glass of juice and preferably green tea.

* Choose a coarser bread than you used to eat before the cure, and eat a slice smaller than you used to.

* Use a handful of unsalted nuts as healthy snacks instead of salt, potato chips, chocolate and candy.

* Remember to be physically active for at least 30 minutes every day, even on the weekend!

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Do not forget the training

If you want to lose weight, you will not get away: You have to move!

If you get up from the easy chair and get out into activity, however, the gain does not wait. As soon as you start moving, the muscles require energy, and then the fat cells release fat. Exercise increases your metabolism both while you exercise and sometimes afterwards.

Exercise also increases muscle mass, which is very important if you want to lose weight.

This is something to keep in mind when getting started:

* Find an activity you enjoy and build it into your lifestyle

* do not overdo it, so you get bored very quickly

* Exercise by walking, dancing, cycling or swimming

* Train strength using elastic, weights or your own body weight

This case was first published 13/07 2010, and last updated 07/02 2022


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