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The potato comes out well when we compare it with pasta and white rice. It has less carbohydrates, fewer calories, more dietary fiber and contains vitamin C and potassium. And then it tastes good.

We have found some good recipes for inspiration.

In the salad

There are many varieties of the potato. In this salad, three different varieties are put together that are treated differently. They are baked, fried and cooked.

In the soup

Serve the autumn potatoes liquid, together with leeks, in a creamy and delicious hot soup. Autumn coziness at its best.

Two ways to make mashed potatoes

In the slightly coarser mashed potatoes there are lots of good herbs. It is topped with almonds and bacon. The mash is quick to make, it takes half an hour, and it can be served on its own or as a good accessory.

Mash potatoes and broccoli together, and you get a healthier and more colorful mashed potato.

Baked in the oven

Hasselback potatoes look extra good and are well suited for party food. They are baked in the oven with a little spice, butter or oil.

For dessert

Mix boiled potatoes in the pancake batter, and serve them with a dab of crème fraîche and stirred berries.

In shape

You get the whole dinner in shape with this French-inspired “potato cake”. Bacon, apples and potatoes are layered and everything is baked in the oven.


Make small portion pizzas with potatoes and anchovies. They are inspired by the Swedish court Jansson’s temptation. Perfect for night food.


The potatoes are cooked with lots of salt and are served with a red and a green dip. You do not need much more than that.

For everyday and party

You can serve potato stains easily with a little jam and sour cream, or you can make a delicious roe cream for a party.

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