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1. Cucumber

Small, blue flowers that are gently nipped by the stem and float beautifully on the surface of soups and drinks.

2. Horseshoe, daisies and clover

Super simple dish with shrimp, boiled cauliflower, red onion and sour cream. And flowers, then.

3. Oregano and chives

If you leave the herbs a little “too long”, they will flower. Pick and eat – they do not taste quite the same as the green herb leaves, but are also nicer to look at.

4. Violets

Can you see the food under the decoration? In any case, the taste of violets should be reminiscent of soft lavender, and is excellent for lamb.

5. Dill and watercress leaves

If you cultivate the dill a little patiently, it will eventually get a beautiful crown or screen on top. It is, along with the cress leaves, very decorative.

6. Chives, onion and field cabbage

Both nettles and spring onions belong to early summer. Usually it is the ramson leaves we eat, but if it is allowed to stand, white, pretty flowers will appear between the leaves.

7. Cress – the flowers

Yellow, red, orange – and very decorative.

8. Pea flowers

The flowers come first, the sugar peas afterwards. Remember not to eat all the flowers on the plant – then there will be no peas!

9. Acid

Acid, acid leaves, gaucic acid or meadow acid. It is greenest and best in spring, but can also be picked throughout the summer.

10. Lilacs

Yep, they can be eaten. Lilacs can be used to make various drinks, or simply put on the cake – the wedding cake!

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