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After two tough years with a pandemic, an overall restaurant industry is more than ready to celebrate itself in Stavanger Concert Hall.

On Monday night, the stars in the Michelin guide were distributed to restaurants in the Nordic countries.

The stars were awarded by Gwendal Poullennec, who is the international director of the Michelin Guide.

The following prizes and stars have been awarded:

  • Young chef awardwhich is given to a young and forward-thinking chef, is given to Jimmy Øien at restaurant Rest in Oslo.
  • Sommelier-prisen goes to Christina Haukka at restaurant Kaskis in Finland.
  • Welcome and service awardwhich is given to a person and a restaurant with excellent service, goes to Heidi Bjerkan and Credo in Trondheim.
  • Mentor chef awardwhich is given to a chef who is a mentor and a role model for other chefs, goes to Wassim Hallal at Frederikshøj in Denmark.
  • Green starwhich is given to restaurants that excel in sustainable operations, goes to Natura in Finland, Dill in Iceland, Jossa Mat og Drikke in Norway, Knystaforsen in Sweden and Oxenstiernan in Sweden.
  • A star:
  • Restaurant Kaskis, Finland.
  • Restaurant Mota, Denmark.
  • Restaurant Jatak, Denmark.
  • Restaurant Nour, Sweden.
  • Restaurant Adam / Albin, Sweden.
  • Restaurant Knystaforsen, Sweden.
  • Restaurant Hot Shop, Norway.
  • Schlägergården, Norway.
  • Lysverket, Norway.
  • Hyde, Norway.
  • Óx, Iceland.
  • Two stars:
  • Palace, Finland.
  • Frederikshøj, Denmark.
  • Three stars:
  • No new restaurants received three stars this year. Maaemo in Norway, Frantzén in Sweden, Noma in Denmark and Geranium in Denmark keep their stars in the guide.

Maaemo in Oslo is thus Norway’s only restaurant with three stars in the prestigious guide. Before the award ceremony, the experts believed that only one restaurant could conceivably achieve the same status tonight: Re-Naa in Stavanger.

– I think they are very close to 3-star level, if they are not already there. Personally, I think Michelin will wait a bit longer before they upgrade Re-Naa. They want to be absolutely sure that the restaurant delivers at a stable level over several years, said food blogger Anders Husa.

Re-Naa received two stars in 2020. According to chef and owner Sven Erik Renaa, it has been too short a time for Michelin to upgrade the restaurant already now.

– You have to keep the level for a long time. It is extremely rare to move up to three stars very quickly. But, of course, we had never been sorry for a third star.

Other restaurants that according to the experts could end up with new stars tonight were À L’aise and Rest in Oslo, Credo in Trondheim, Lofoten Food Studio in Ballstad and Kvitnes Gård in Kvitnes.

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