Tour food: 6 recipes for digg primus food

TOUR FOOD: Last year, as many as 62% of Norwegians went hiking in the mountains during the summer holidays.

Summer is perfect for using the nature in the local area. If you have a thermos or primus at home, it is easy to dish up something really good on the go.

Anette Hansen, chef at MatPrat, gives in this press release simple recipes to lift the tour food a few notches.

Poor Knights Photo: MatPrat

French Toast Photo: MatPrat

Arme knights on primus

Arme knights are perfect tour food you can prep in advance.

Dip bread slices in a bowl with a mix of eggs, sugar, milk and cinnamon. Load food boxes, with a parchment paper between the slices.

Bake straight on primus, and enjoy as they are, or with a blob of jam. Remember butter for frying!

Recipe: Poor knights on primus

Cinnamon buns on primus Photo: MatPrat

Cinnamon buns on primus Photo: MatPrat

Kanebolle on primus

Do you want something sweet? Why not make a dessert on the go?

You can easily make cinnamon buns by rolling out a finished pizza base, adding butter, sugar and cinnamon and rolling together.

Divide the sausage into approx. 3 cm thick slices and fry the delicacy on primus or in a frying pan on the fire. Perfect turquoise!

Recipe: Cinnamon buns on primus

Cauliflower soup Photo: MatPrat

Cauliflower soup Photo: MatPrat

Soup in a thermos

What tastes better than hot soup outside, after the sun has set?

Bring home-made soup in a thermos and enjoy yourself out in nature with something hot.

Make a simple cauliflower soup for example, by taking 1 chopped cauliflower, 0.5 finely chopped onion, 8dl. water, 2 chicken broths and 2 dl. whole milk in a saucepan.

Cook until the vegetables are tender, and smooth the soup with a hand mixer.

Tada, done! Feel free to bring crispy bacon and some spring onions in your own small box, as a digging topping. It will put the finishing touches!

Recipe: Cauliflower soup in a thermos

Pancakes Photo: MatPrat


Everyone loves pancakes, and they get extra good on the trip!

Here you can go for regular pancakes or thick American pancakes.

Make the mixture at home, pour it into a bottle or thermos, and pack it with you in your backpack. Then the road to freshly baked pancakes is fast! A little blueberry in the mixture as a flavoring is not wrong either!

Do not forget to pack with a little butter or margarine for the frying.

Toast Photo: MatPrat

Crispy toast with melted cheese

Toast is a classic for a reason. It does not get much better than crispy bread and melted cheese in a few minutes.

Put butter on both sides of a couple of slices of bread, and put on ham and cheese. Put the slices together. Take them on the primus for approx. 3 minutes per side, until the cheese has melted. Yum!

Quesadilla Photo: MatPrat

Quesadilla on primus

Quesadilla is a super tour food that can be made in countless flavors.

Feel free to make a variation filled with ready-made minced meat, delicious cheese and corn. Perfect when you have leftovers from the taco dinner and are going on a trip! Spread fried minced meat, corn, grated cheese and spring onion on one half of each tortilla. Fold over the other half.

Bake on medium heat on both sides until the cheese melts.


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